Semester Two

Advertising Copywriting Fundamentals

An introduction to the basic principles underlying contemporary marketing practices in Canada. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of key marketing concepts as the basis for advertising and promotion activity. Topics will include the concept of exchange, the marketing environment, marketing decision making and research, market selection, consumer behaviour, segmentation, targeting and an introduction […]

Contemporary Study of Aesthetic Expression

This course is designed to encourage the student’s lifelong personal growth and understanding through the examination of current expressions of aesthetic trends in Canada. Issues of aesthetics will be examined from their historical foundations and their application to contemporary life. Upon completion of this course, students will have gained a better understanding of their own […]

Digital Design 1

Building from the foundation acquired in ADV 117, this introductory computer course uses the latest Adobe software to familiarize students with computer basics according to the design industry. Students are exposed to the Mac operating system and begin working with a computer to complete basic level industry projects. Students learn professional terminology, further use of […]

Principles of Marketing 2

This course is a continuation of ADV 211. This course opens with the concept of product, including the notion of branding as a means of increasing value. This will be followed by an in-depth study of positioning. The student will then be introduced to pricing, distribution, and promotional strategies as effective ways of supporting the […]

Print Media Estimating and Research

An introduction to basic Print Media cost estimating and research analysis. Covered this semester are newspaper, magazine and out-of-home (Outdoor and Transit). All are analyzed in detail with special emphasis on the relative strengths and limitations of each. Cost efficiency concepts, along with an introduction and application of research available for each medium will be […]