Semester Six

Agency & Account Management

The role of the Account Group has changed dramatically over the last quarter century. This course prepares the student to respond to growing client requirements in terms of strategic and operational liaison and integrated marketing communications expertise. As preparation for management positions, the student is also exposed to the business, staffing, quality and client relationship […]

How to Brand Yourself

This course concentrates on preparing students for job prospecting. While researching career opportunities, the student will develop a career goal plan, prepare a comprehensive resume, cover letter, and other self-promotional materials including a web site to display portfolio examples, all consistent with their area of interest in the marketing communications industry. Exercises will be offered […]

IMC Campaigns 2

This course requires the advanced application of integrated skills in marketing planning, media planning and estimating, advertising design and copy principles in the preparation of a complete advertising and marketing communications campaign based on an actual case study. Advertising and Marketing communication principles covered in all previous program courses will be applied. The campaign plans […]


Internship provides the graduating student the opportunity to gain practical experience in an area of the marketing communications industry that they have expressed a keen interest in, and have the matching knowledge and skill set, as determined by course grades and faculty counseling, to pursue. #NOTE: S/U GRADING – ADV 701

Media Sales

This course introduces the student to Media Sales for traditional and digital media platforms. Students will be exposed to multi-media syndicated research for a variety of Canadian media and the use of that research in a sales process. Emphasis will be on the formal documentation of the Key Account Plan – applying proper communication objective […]

Trans-Media Planning 3

This is an advanced course, requiring the application of skills in national multimedia strategies and planning along with market, media and consumer research. A comprehensive project, which includes appropriate research and documentation along with a formal Media Plan, will be developed and presented to a pre-selected “Client” in conjunction with the ADV617 Campaigns course. In […]