Semester Four

Developing Internet Content

The rapid growth of the internet, social media and mobile devices has had an enormous impact on the ways that companies conduct their business. This course will focus on how digital media technology, online and social media have changed marketing and the importance of internet content in communicating with today’s consumers. We will examine and […]

E-Mail Marketing

Through the examination of email marketing, delivery process, targeting tactics and social media integration, students will learn how to utilize email for mass and personalized marketing purposes. Students will learn to recognize market opportunities and differentiate between the various email marketing delivery mediums to deliver personal, targeted, immediate, actionable and measurable campaigns.

Marketing Planning 2

This is an advanced course continuing the process of marketing communications planning begun in ADV 411. The focus of the course will be the identification of Key Strategic Marketing Alternatives based on the convergence of internal and external conditions, evaluation of these alternatives, the development of Marketing Goals, Objectives and Strategy, and the preparation of […]

Media Planning 1

An intermediary course, calling for the application of previously learned knowledge. Emphasis is placed on “buying” broadcast media in Canada, and achieving proficiency in utilizing the correct combination of media vehicles to accomplish the aims of a single overall campaign strategy. Additional broadcast research will be introduced to the students. Canadian Federal and Provincial laws/restrictions […]

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the “gateway” to the Internet for many consumers with over seventy percent of web surfers choosing a search link from the organic results.

Trans-Media Public Relations

Public Relations Management is a marketer’s approach to public relations. The course examines classic and current public relations campaigns to illustrate the impact Marketing Public Relations has in the broader context of integrated marketing campaigns.

Web Design 2

Building on the skills learned in ADV 313, this course focuses on creating a much larger and more robust site. Items such as rollover images, templates and forms are studied. Students also explore the implementation of dynamic media such as audio and video in order to enhance the overall aesthetics of site design. The importance […]