Semester Five

IMC Campaigns 1

This is an advanced course emphasizing the development of focused creative strategies and the application of these strategies to the development of campaigns. Creative strategy is interpreted as a contract the campaign must fulfill through the use of a variety of different media.

Mobile Marketing

Through the examination of current mobile marketing strategies and tactics, including social networking sites, Apps, and mobile web sites, students will learn to recognize the opportunities for planning and evaluating campaigns that are personal, targeted, immediate, actionable and measurable. Students will be challenged to make decisions on strategies and tactics for products, services, brands, and […]

Social Media Marketing

This course provides students with an introduction to the history, theory, technology, and uses of social media. In this course students learn about the latest technologies driving purchase decisions around the world and examines the strategic use of social media platforms and discusses how social media technology has changed marketing & advertising. Students will learn […]

Trans-Media Account Planning

Consumer insight is the foundation of success in advertising. This course introduces the student to consumer insight and its uses in modern Account Planning. It examines how to use marketing data, consumer research, and personal experience to “connect” the advertised brand with the consumer. The end result will be more effective persuasion in advertising messages, […]

Trans-Media Planning 2

This course introduces the student to Media Planning (for both a traditional and digital media campaigns). Students will be exposed to multi-media syndicated research and Product Profiles for a variety of Canadian advertisers. Emphasis will be on the formal documentation of the media plan – applying proper communication goal statements, along with the development of […]

Trans-Media Sales Promotion & Events

This course will explore the process of planning a national Sales Promotion Campaign, and will include the written plan and creative executions for the print media aspects of the campaign, to support strategies. To demonstrate the importance of integrated marketing communication activities in the development of effective relationships with the company’s various stakeholders, the plan […]

Web Analytics

Optimizing the ability of your website to achieve marketing objectives is one of the most important aspects of web and interactive advertising. This course examines the key concepts, skills and practices of web analytics required to drive sales, increase customer dialogue, and created added value for your business. The topics covered are those required to […]