You go to school to learn the skills to start a career right? Of course you do! In the advertising faculty here at St. Clair College, we understand this and work with you accordingly to achieve your individual objectives.

Our Students Get Hired – Fast

Our program has an amazing employment rate! Over 90% of our students are hired within 6 months of graduation. In fact, roughly 60% of the 2014 graduating class was employed full time in the industry BEFORE the graduation ceremony!
Our students are in high demand because of the quality of education they have received. The full time faculty professors are all seasoned and experienced industry professionals. This means that you will be taught what industry is doing now and where it is going!

Digital Matters

We all know where advertising is going and we will help prepare you for this transition. Employers love our graduates because they are skilled in social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet content development and more. They have the skillset to contribute to the company on day one!

You Receive Industry Experience – Internship

Every graduating student will take part in a four week internship. You will work with the faculty to obtain placement in an advertising agency, local company etc. This will provide you with real industry experience and will star you on your way on making valuable industry contacts. Many of our students were hired by the company that they worked at for their internship!
The Advertising program at St. Clair College will best prepare you for your future career in advertising.

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